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Re : Annonce des Patchs Officiel et des Patchs en bêta.

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
Firefly Exporteur UWP Exporteur iOS Exporteur Android Exporteur HTML5 Fusion 2.5+
mardi 2 août 2022 à 12:19

Bonjour  sortie de plusieurs mis a jour consécutif en Version Beta dont la fameuse 294.1 et suivie de la 294.2 , 294.3 et pour fini 294.4 Beta.

Build 294.1 - Change log (22/07/15)
- UI: the Fusion UI is now DPI-aware, i.e. it's not scaled by Windows. This allows you to display more from on larger monitors. By default the zoom coefficient of some editors is adjusted by default.
- UI: the UI is now fully customizable with a true dark mode, a new Skin Editor toolbar and new bitmaps.
- Skin editor: this new toolbar allows you to edit general colors as well as legacy colors and bitmaps from 2.5 (event and storyboard editors).
  Note: when you save a skin that exists in the Fusion folder, it's saved in your %AppData% directory, more specifically in %AppData%\Clickteam\Fusion [Developer] 2.5\Skins. You cannot overwrite a skin in your Fusion folder with the Skin editor (if you want to do so you need to do it manually).
- Preferences: new option to set a different skin when Windows is in dark mode (for example if it turns to dark mode at a certain hour of the day).
- Preferences: new "Use tabs for editors" option. When this option is checked, each window is displayed in a tab. You can also divide tabs in several groups displayed side-by-side (just drag a tab to create a new group, or right-click the tab title and select "New tab group" in the popup menu) .
  Note : by default there is still one window per application. As before, you can open editors in a new window (or tab) by pressing SHIFT when you open the editor.
- Workspace bar: new "Export app as text" command (Dev 2.5+ only) in the app context menu, allows you to export your app as text files (JSON format). These text files are saved in a sub-directory with the same name as the MFA. These text files contain global values & strings, embedded data files, global events, frame object lists, object values & strings, qualifiers, image lists, string paragraphs, and frame events. This allows you to quickly compare 2 versions of a MFA with a diff tool for example.
- Global / Alterable Values / Strings / Flags: these values can now be re-ordered. Just drag & drop them in the property window. You can also delete any value. Note : when you move or delete values, value indexes in the internal list don’t change. The reordering is only "visual", values are still referenced by their original index in the internal list. 
  When you add a new value, it takes the index of the first available value (which may be in the middle of the list if you deleted values previously). 
  A new "Show value indexes" option in the Preferences (Workspace tab) allows you to show or hide the value indexes. Also in object expression popup menus, the "Alterable Value A to Z" sub-menus now take the name of the first value.
- Global / Alterable Values / Strings / Flags: you can now also copy / paste them between objects, with the following rules:
  * values are pasted at the same index they had in the object they were copied from. If a value with this index already exists in the destination object(s), then you have the choice to either replace the existing value or create a new one with a different index.
  * when you paste values into several objects at the same time and new indexes have to be used, these new values are created at the same indexes for all objects. In some special cases when you are near the maximum allowed numer of values per object this can result in incomplete paste (you are warned when this case happens).
- App properties / Menu editor: you can now change the colors of your application main menu. Note: there is a little limitation, Windows is still displaying its own line at the bottom of the menu bar, can't get rid of this. Not a big problem usually though.
- Frame properties: new "Include another frame" option (2.5+ only). The frame you select in this option will be included in the current frame at build time (object types will be added unless they already exist - same name and type -, object instances will be added before the object instances of the current frame, and events will be added before the events of the current frame).
- Object properties: fixed possible crash or incorrect behavior when pasting multiple behaviors.
- Object properties: new Auto-update option for the object icons in the objects’ About properties. Unselect this option if you don't want icons to be automatically updated. Also the object’s icon is now used to display hidden counters and string objects in the frame editor, helping distinguishing between objects.
- Object properties: new "Instance value" property in the object values tab. You can now define a unique value per object instance in the frame editor. This value can be retrieved with a new "Instance Value" expression and tested with a new "Compare Instance Value" condition. This allows you to easily identify object instances created in the frame editor at runtime. Note: you cannot modify it at runtime.
- Storyboard editor: Zoom in/out shortcuts (Ctrl+'+' / Ctrl+'-') didn't work.
- Frame editor: frame centering issues on large monitors when you zoom out to the maximum and then zoom in.
- Frame editor: more zoom coefficients.
- Frame editor: a new Zoom option in the preferences of the Frame editor allows you to define a default zoom coefficient for the frame editor.
- Frame editor: you can now zoom in/out in the Path Movement editor (using Ctrl+'+' / Ctrl+'-' shortcuts).
- Frame editor: you can now zoom in/out when you edit a Create Object action.
- Frame editor: the X box now gets the focus when you edit a Create Object action.
- Frame editor: when you clone an object whose name already ends with a number, no space is added before the number.
- Picture editor: if you press ALT when clicking with the Fill tool, the color under the cursor is replaced by the fill color in the entire image. If you press CTRL at the same time, the color is replaced in all frames of the current direction.
- Picture editor: middle mouse button can now be used to drag display.
- Picture editor: when you import an animation in Spritesheet / Box mode and the image has an alpha channel, the boxes weren't detected in some cases.
- Animation editor: new Keep original hotspots option when you import images. When this option is selected, the images you import keep the same hotspot/action point as the original images.
- Data Element editor: Replace Font was broken.
- Event editor: more conditions can be negated (Always <-> Never for example)
- Event editor: when you negate a built-in comparison condition, this will negate the comparison operator. For example negating X("Active") > 100 will give  X("Active") <= 100.
- Event editor: when an object is selected in the top bar, if you select a line and then unselect the object, the scrolling position is adjusted so that the selected line is visible (in the previous version the screen would come back to the position before the object selection).
- Event list editor: you can now negate actions, for example Activate Group <-> Deactivate Group, Make Visible / Invisible, Add to value / Subtract from value, Set Flag / Clear flag, etc.
- Event editor: Compare Value/String/Flags conditions are now at the root of the Condition menu.
- Event editor: Value/String/Flags expressions are in their own sub-menus (instead of being all in a Values sub-menu).
- Event editor: new "Compare Expression" condition in objects' conditions. This condition works like Compare 2 General Values but is evaluated for each instance of the object (allows to avoid doing For Each Loop + Compare 2 General Values for complex expressions or simple expressions without dedicated Compare condition).
- Event editor: new "Compare Layer / Angle / X Scale / Y Scale" conditions.
- Event editor: new "Pick closest Object from Object 2" condition.
- Event editor: new "Pick Object with minimum / maximum value of expression" conditions.
- Event editor: new "Is Overlapping Object At" condition => allows you to test if an object collides with another object at a specific position.
- Event editor: new "Is Overlapping Backdrop At" condition => allows you to test if an object collides with the background at a specific position.
- Event editor: new "Number of selected objects" expression, allows you to retrieve the number of objects that are selected in the current event.
- Windows runtime: active object hotspot not correctly updated in all internal structures sometimes if "timer-based movements" are enabled.
- Windows runtime: global values could be duplicated in the debugger sometimes.
- Windows runtime: new DPI Aware property. When it's checked Windows won't apply scaling to the application window. You can retrieve the DPI scale with the Storyboard / Screen / DPI Scale expression.
  Note: the DPI scale of the main window depends on the monitor it's on. If you do things that depend on the DPI scale, you should watch if it changes (which will happen if the user moves the window to another monitor with a different scaling, or changes the scaling of the current monitor).
- Windows runtime: Set VSync ON/OFF not working in DX11 mode.
- Windows runtime: a new command line parameter /BBx (x = 1, 2 or 3) allows you to force the number of back buffers used by the application.
- Windows runtime: a bug was nullifying a recent string object optimization.
- Windows runtime: ActiveX objects couldn't be created at runtime.
- Windows runtime: when you change the font of a string object created at runtime and then destroy it, the font of other string objects could be modified.
- File Folder object: fixed a memory leak in Get File Info function and made this function work with more executable files (update it via the Extension Manager if you need this fix).
- Android / iOS / Mac runtimes: now support pixel shaders. There are limitations though: background shaders are not supported (hopefully in a future version), and shaders can be applied only to active and backdrop objects, not frames or layers yet.
- All non-Windows runtimes: parser object crash when repeated patterns were present in the searched string.
- Android runtime: build bug in Mac editor.
- Android runtime: extensive work to enable the new runtime to accept URLs, Container URIs, full paths, and internal files, in control objects as well as File, Active Picture, Android Camera, Array and INI.
- Android runtime: now detects all Amazon Fire TV and Android devices with a controller attached.
- Android runtime: fixed a crash when reading images from bank on Android 12.
- Android runtime: fixed an issue on Samsung devices where controls were not showing properly after returning from the background.
- Android runtime: better server response handling for downloading files.
- Android runtime: JPEG image loading now uses the TurboJpeg library, faster.
- Android runtime / Active Picture object: re-coded to work with the previous version of the EXIF library, also some work was done to only modify the hotspot for files from the image library.
- Android runtime / Android Plus object: new feature to get keyboard height in portrait mode.
- Android runtime / Android Manifest object: new object that allows adding deep links (check the examples).
- Android runtime / Combo box object: full upgrade to appear identical in different Android versions.
- Android runtime / Font Packer object: updated for particular fonts, like a pixel-art font.
- Android runtime / InApp object now contains new conditions/actions/expressions to fulfill the latest update from Google pertaining to Subscription, check the new conditions to detect when no purchase is available, and recent examples.
- Android runtime / Particles object: incorrect initial direction.
- Android runtime / WebView object: updated to work with the latest framework from Android 10.
- iOS runtime: JPEG image loading now uses the TurboJpeg library, faster.
- iOS runtime: Game Connect updated to latest version.
- iOS runtime: App Store check code for the latest compatibility with Apple Store.
- iOS runtime / Active picture: you can now disable use of Photo Library by modifying a code line, refer to CRunkcpica.h for more information.
- Mac runtime: Mac apps now contain both Intel / ARM code and can work natively on M1 Mac's.
- HTML5 runtime: wrong layer wrap in negative scrolling.

Build 294.2 - Change log (22/07/27)
- UI: the font size has been reduced a bit to avoid clipped texts in dialog boxes.
- UI: Find All dialog box was causing crashes.
- UI: color picker in properties is now larger.
- UI: popup menus in editor sometimes not closed when the application is running.
- Skins: incorrect object list text colors in Dark skin.
- Skins: in Default skin, grayed-out icons in the Layer toolbar were hard to see.
- Skins: colorText not dark enough in expression editor in Default skin.
- Skins: incorrect colors in dark mode in Missing Extensions error dialog box.
- General: when multiple MFAs are loaded, the most recently-loaded MFA was slower to work with, even if it's a tiny MFA.
- Workspace window: less laggy with big applications, though some lag is still noticeable when you resize it or expand/collapse a frame. Not sure if this can be easily improved.
- Editor toolbars: wrong position for button icons.
- Properties: tab icons messed up when the property window is floating when Fusion starts.
- Properties: the popup menu that lists various window resolutions is no longer skinned due to an incompatibility with the property validation system.
- Properties: scrolling position is preserved when values are moved.
- Application: directory created by Export As Text couldn't be deleted until you quit Fusion.
- Application: refresh issues in Installer Settings.
- Frame editor: fixed a lag when you move or modify an object and big apps are loaded.
- Frame editor: zooming now only affects the activated frame editor.
- Frame editor: View / Zoom menu items associated to incorrect zoom coefficients.
- Frame editor: backdrop objects had a useless instance value.
- Frame editor: selecting multiple duplicate objects and hitting the "new" altVal/string/flag button could corrupt values.
- Frame editor: selecting multiple duplicate objects and deleting an existing altVal/string/flag could corruput values.
- Event editor: expression popup menu couldn't be displayed in some cases when object has named alterable strings and no named flags.
- Event editor: "Flag value by index" expression now displayed at the bottom of the Flags expression popup menu.
- Event editor: alterable value indexes now visible in event editor dialog boxes, if the "Show value indexes" option is selected in the preferences.
- Event editor: after reordering global or alterable values, the selected value could be incorrect in actio/condition/expression dialog boxes.
- Event editor: shortcut keys are back in popup menus, though apparently there is a difference with previous shortcut key handling when several entries start with the same letter. When you press this letter, previously the first menu entry was highlighted. Now the last menu entry with this letter is selected. Not sure if it's a problem, if so we'll try to fix it. It's a bit complex as we have to dig in the source code of the new UI library we use though, so if we can't fix it we might have to add a preference for you to use old, non-skinned popup menus.
- Event editor: keyboard handling are back in New Condition & New Action dialog boxes.
- Event editor: the "Is Overlapping another object / backdrop at X=, Y=" conditions have been renamed to "Would "object"  at X=, Y= overlapp another object / backdrop".
- Picture editor: now keeps its maximized status when you re-open it.
- Picture editor: refresh issues.
- Animation editor: frame thumbnails not updated when you CTR+ALT+Fill to replace a color in all frames.
- Animation editor: visual glitches when you drag the horizontal splitter up and down.
- Android runtime: RGB coefficient was broken.
- Android runtime: screen orientation not taken into account when building an "AAB with expansion" Android application.
- Mac runtime / Windows Control object: bugs in Maximize/Minimize/Restore actions.

Build 294.3 - Change log (22/07/29)
- UI: improved workspace bar lag for big projects.
- Skins: in Dark skin, grayed-out icons in the Layer toolbar were hard to see.
- Preferences: the expression editor tab has been removed and its unique option moved to the Event Editor tab.
- Preferences: new "Add to font size" option in Worskpace tab. This option allows you to increase or decrease the font size.
  Note 1: if you change it, you need to restart the program so that this change is taken into account.
  Note 2: you can use negative numbers to reduce the font size.
- Event editor: fixed keyboard inconsistencies in popup menus in Condition/Action/Expression dialog boxes.
- Event editor: fixed ordering issue when you retrieve an alterable value/string/flag via a popup menu in the expression editor.
- Properties: re-ordering values of a global object didn't propagate the new order to the other frames.
- Properties: adding a new value to a global object didn't show this value in the other frames.

Build 294.4 - Change log (22/07/30)
- UI: Welcome page was not scaled.
- UI: refresh issue in frame list combo box in some cases (for example when you switch from a frame editor tab to another one).
- Skins: in Dark skin, grayed-out icons in the Layer toolbar were still a bit hard to see.
- Picture editor: color boxes disappear when you click a color.
- Picture editor: current tool settings no longer disappear in maximized mode when the window is deactivated.
- Picture editor: Ctrl+Alt+Fill could modify identical images in other objects.
- Preferences: new "Ctrl+drag: duplicate objects to original layer" option in Frame Editor preferences (ON by default).
- Active object: per user request the transparent color of the default active object image is back to black.

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
Firefly Exporteur UWP Exporteur iOS Exporteur Android Exporteur HTML5 Fusion 2.5+
mardi 13 septembre 2022 à 11:35

Bonjour sortie de la version Build 294.5 Beta

Build 294.5 - Change log (13/09/12)
- Skins: bitmap padding was not loaded from saved skins.
- Skins: menu separators now use control color #4 in dark mode.
- Skins: menu background color now associated with control background color
- Skins: toolbar combo box background color now associated with control background color in dark mode
- UI: improved font consistency in dialog boxes.
- Preferences: the "Add to font size" option is now automatically estimated the first time Fusion starts if you use big system fonts. You might need to slightly adjust it the first time you run this version of Fusion.
- Workspace bar: now displays true color icon for the application.
- Workspace and Layer bars: wrong font after changing skin or after the machine gets out of sleep mode.
- Properties: object icons not synchronized between frames (when the auto-update property is off).
- Properties: the basic version of Fusion (without 2.5+ DLC) now supports up to 260 editable alterable values and strings per object (this feature was previously limited to the 2.5+ DLC).
- Properties: when you rename an alterable value of several objects at the same time, Fusion no longer displays it as "Undetermined" until you select the objects again.
- Properties: when multiple objects are selected, alterable values with the same index that are named differently now display their index.
- Properties: when you delete all the values of an object, save and reload the MFA, the object still has one value.
- Properties: shortcut keys didn't work in numeric properties.
- Properties: instance value was still displayed in properties for backdrop objects.
- Event editor: Calculate button not scaled in Color parameter.
- Event editor: Sample box refresh issues when changing font in Edit Comment dialog box.
- Event editor: when you open an event editor on the last frame, the frame combo box was not refreshed in the toolbar.
- Event editor: when editing a Create Object action, texts overlap in the "relative to" field.
- Event editor: flag order not taken into account in dialog box of Is Flag ON/OFF conditions.
- Event editor: alerable values and strings order was ignored in context menus if the 2.5+ DLC was not installed.
- Event editor: global value indexes were 0-based in dialog boxes (they are 1-based in "by index" actions/conditions and in properties).
- Event editor: tree control in Activate/Deactivate Group now takes skin into account.
- Event editor: refresh issues when you change the object list display mode in global event or behavior editors.
- Event editor: popup menu animations are now disabled in event editor dialog boxes. Note: you can also turn them off globally via the toolbar customization dialog box.
- Event editor: the new 3 Pick conditions (closest object, min/max value) can now select several objects instead of the first one only.
- Event editor: in action/condition/expression popup menus, sub-menus sometimes weren't deleted, causing crashes when the dialog box is closed.
- Event editor: double-clicking in action popup was disabled after right clicks.
- Event editor: wrong position after toggling from event editor to event list editor in some cases.
- Event & Event List editors: when you scroll with Page Up / Page Down the scrolling is now immediate (previously it was progressive).
- Event & Event List editors: the event explorer bar is now displayed even if the editor toolbar is hidden.
- Frame editor: Behavior sub-menu was not initialized correctly in object context menu.
- Frame editor: added keyboard shortcuts for 2.5+ menu entries ('V' for Show Object Events, 'I' for Select All Instances. 'Q' for Select objects with given qualifier, 'S' for Select objects with same qualifiers)
- Frame editor: new 600% and 800% zoom coefficients (you might have to reset the menu bar if you want to see those commands in the menu).
- Frame editor: Behavior sub-menu was not initialized correctly in object context menu.
- Frame editor: when you drag & copy objects the newly created objects are now selected.
- Frame editor: per user request, the transparent color of the default active object image is back to non-black (now RGB 255,0,255). :p For the ones who want another default transparent color,
  you can use your own image: save it to defaultActiveObject.png in the Data folder (you need to restart Fusion after saving this image). The transparent color is the color 
  of the top-left pixel (unless the image has an alpha channel). Note: you can also change the default image for backdrop, quick backdrop and counter objects: defaultBackdropObject.png, defaultQuickBackdropObject.png, defaultCounterObject.png.
  The counter image is a sprite sheet that contains the 14 digit & symbol images, aligned side-by-side horizontally. This image is also used for score and live objects.
  (to see how the image looks, edit a counter object, click Save and export a sprite sheet with a width of 14 * the size of a digit, i.e. 168 for the default counter).
- Build: events that refer to typed qualifiers were not removed at build time if objects of a different type were associated with the same qualifier (for example if Group.Data.List is used in global events
  and the frame contains a Global.Data qualifier associated with Edit Box objects, global events associated with Group.Data.List are no longer included in the frame events when the app is built).
- Picture editor: wrong icons (square filled with transparent color) for empty frames.
- Picture editor: Ctrl+Alt+Fill could modify identical images in other counter objects.
- Picture editor: when you import an animation from numbered files and images with and without alpha channel are mixed, the transparency of images without alpha channel was wrong.
- Picture editor: the anim context menu no longer disappears when you right click an empty part of the animation list and the picture editor is maximized.
- Path movement editor: icons in wrong order.
- Included Frame: crash when you modify an object of a parent frame in the frame editor and run the application unless you open the event editor on the parent frame.
- Debugger: the "Display named values only" option is now remembered between sessions.
- Firefly: the latest changes have been cancelled, due to a bug in collisions with static meshes.
- HTML5 runtime: fix in AESFusion object.
- HTML5 runtime / HTML5 objects: added the possibility to eval Javascript expressions via the Call Function, for example Call Function "document.title", Call Function "window.innerWidth + 100", etc.
  Note: if the parameter you pass to Call Function contains either '.', '(' or '[', then it's considered as an expression and the object calls the eval function to evaluate the expression, 
  otherwise it's considered as a function name and the object calls this function (previously unique behavior).
- HTML5 runtime: preload cannow trigger End of frame or End of application.
- Android runtime: fixes in Effects.
- Android runtime: fixed an issue with joystick on NextusTV and Ouya.
- Android runtime: crash at start of frame with some objects that generate events.
- Android runtime / Android object: fix in Joystick detection when input service manager reports changes.
- iOS / Mac runtimes: fixes in Effects.
- iOS / Mac runtimes: Every condition now works exactly like the Windows runtime.

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
Firefly Exporteur UWP Exporteur iOS Exporteur Android Exporteur HTML5 Fusion 2.5+
lundi 19 septembre 2022 à 10:29

Bonjour  sortie de plusieurs mis a jour consécutif en Version Beta 294.6 et 294.7

Build 294.7 - Change log (22/09/16)
- Build issue in build 294.6 causing UI glitches.

Build 294.6 - Change log (22/09/16)
- UI: some dialog boxes have been re-arranged to avoid control overlap and/or truncated texts.
- Include Frame: crash when you use this option after running the application and you come back from the action editor to the event editor.
- Properties: qualifier names overlap in Add qualifier dialog box.
- Event editor: refresh issue when resizing Edit Comment dialog box.
- Event editor: refresh issue in Create Object dialog box.
- Event editor: flags not always correctly ordered in Is Flag On / Off dialog boxes.
- Event editor: glitches and possible MFA corruption when you edit a frame with more than 32767 lines.
- Animation editor: zoom slider and current tool controls no longer disappear after dragging horizontal divider.
- Android runtime: fix for pending intents on Android 12+ (for OBB expansion).

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
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lundi 19 septembre 2022 à 10:42
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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
Firefly Exporteur UWP Exporteur iOS Exporteur Android Exporteur HTML5 Fusion 2.5+
jeudi 6 octobre 2022 à 11:07

Bonjour  sortie de plusieurs mis a jour consécutif en Version Beta 294.8 et 294.9

Build 294.9 - Change log (22/10/05)
- Event editor: crash in rare cases when opening a behavior of a global object and the same behavior of the same object from another frame is already opened in an event editor.
- UI: adjusted size of Find All progress window.
- UI: Mising Extensions dialog box is now resizable.

Build 294.8 - Change log (22/10/04)
- General: better font size adjustment for UI fonts like MS UI Gothic.
- General: crash when Fusion without 2.5+ DLC gets closed, causing apps not being added to Recent Files list.
- Frame editor: image bank corruption when a frame editor is open and you import a MFA with missing shaders.
- Event editor: crash when importing a sound with a long name and an existing sound has the same 64 first characters (limit of sound name size in some events).
- Event editor: refresh issue in Create Object dialog box.
- Event editor: couldn't enter more than 1 or 2 digits in numeric boxes in timer action/condition parameters, or in zoom input box.
- Event editor: couldn't close the main window when zoom input box had focus.
- Event editor: when tabs are used for editors, closing the action editor now goes back to the last active tab.
- Event editor: incorrect index value description in animation and direction parameter dialog boxes.
- Event editor: Event explorer bar not updated after you ctrl+drag a group.
- Event editor: frame editor not activated when it's already opened in another tab and you edit a Create Object action.
- Event editor: drag & drop of triggered condition to root parent event below the source event incorrectly forbidden.
- Event editor: Crash when editing behaviors of global object and modifying object's properties in another frame..
- Animation editor: defaultActiveObject.png now also used when creating new animations in an active object.
- Windows runtime: frame size not correctly updated after Load Frame Position.
- Windows runtime: added a protection against invalid layer numbers in Create Object At.
- Android runtime: the Score object counts lives instead of score.
- Android runtime: fix in CS_Blur and CS_Hue effects.
- Android runtime / Admob: Updated permission requested by Google for Android 13.
- iOS runtime: deployment target is now iOS 11.0
- iOS runtime / List object: crash when showing a hidden list

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
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jeudi 27 octobre 2022 à 11:22

Bonjour sortie de la version build 294.10 Beta.

Build 294.10 - Change log (22/10/26)

- Picture editor: Rename command from frame context menu didn't work anymore (note: the F2 keyboard shortcut is incorrectly displayed and doesn't work).
- Picture editor: slightly bigger font for tool settings and animation list.
- Path movement editor: some edit boxes couldn't scroll.
- Frame editor: behavior sub-menu update issue (also in object list and workspace context menus).
- Frame editor: wrong icon after setting a counter to hidden.
- Frame editor: sometimes objects could be selected and them immediately unselected when quickly clicking on them and moving the mouse.
- Event editor: Set Flag dialog box, selected item hadn't keyboard focus.
- Event editor: in the Create Object / Set Position dialog box the X edit box gets the focus when it's opened from the global event or behavior editor.
- Event editor: refresh issue in double-object collision dialog box after changing list mode.
- Event editor: fixed a possible cause for crashes after selecting an object to import in double-object collision dialog box when displayed in global event editor or behavior.
- Event editor: all objects are now allowed in Create Object At.
- Event list editor: pressing down arrow on a large event causes Fusion to scroll very slowly.
- Android runtime: new Compare angle & scale conditions incorrectly comparing integer values instead of floating point values.
- Android runtime: fixed a conflict with deprecated "create file in appdata" property.
- iOS runtime: "Only one action when event loops" no longer stops working during a game loop after about 18 ~ 36 minutes.

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
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dimanche 27 novembre 2022 à 11:56

Bonjour sortie de la version build 294.11 Release Candidate

Cette version est une version candidate, c'est-à-dire que si aucun problème important spécifique n'est signalé, ce sera la nouvelle version officielle de la version 294.

Build 294.11 - Change log (22/11/25)
- Preferences: new option to turn off dialog box opening animation.
- Workspace bar: wrong context menu on frames in Japanese UI.
- Workspace bar: slow with big applications.
- Picture editor: font size too big in RGB controls and in frame number indicator.
- Frame editor: context menu not displayed in some cases in object list.
- Frame editor: opening the frame editor is now faster for frames with a large number of objects.
- Frame editor: new Ctrl+Shift++ and Ctrl+Shift+- shortcuts that allow you to zoom in/out faster. Note: those shortcuts aren't added by default (except the first time the build 294 is executed), you need to either reset the keyboard shortcut assignments in "View / Toolbar / Customize", Keyboard tab, or in this tab add these shortcuts to the View / In and View / Out commands.
- Event List editor: in very long events the last few icons didn't show tooltips when you hover over them.
- Expression editor(s): the selection is now still visible when the edit box hasn't the focus.
- Windows runtime: font issues in some cases after destroying strings and/or changing thename or size of their font.
- iOS & Mac runtime: shader bugs when multiple effects actions are executed in the same loop.
- Mac runtime: extension signing issues when signing Xcode projects.

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
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lundi 5 décembre 2022 à 11:24

Bonjour sortie une motif consécutive en release candidate  294.12

Build 294.12 - Change log (22/12/02)
- Frame editor: incorrectly remembers which objects are selected after closing and reopening it.
- Frame editor: when you zoom in/out using the mouse wheel while editing a text, the edit window is now closed.
- Windows runtime (2.5+ DLC): new "Optimize String Objects" option in the properties of the application that allows you to disable String object optimizations in DirectX 11 mode (this optimization can cause graphic glitches in some cases).

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vendredi 6 janvier 2023 à 11:17

Bonjour sortie une motif consecutive 294.13 et 294.14 release candidate.

Build 294.14 - Change log (23/01/04)
- UI: skin not correctly reloaded after machine gets suspended.
- Picture editor: action points not preserved by "Keep original hotspots" option.
- Frame editor, known issue: when the application loaded in the editor uses more than 2 Gb of memory, you may experience random crashes in the frame editor, especially with objects that have effects or in the effects dialog box. 
  Reason: one of the DirectX9 DLLs we use doesn't support large addresses. Solution for the moment if this happens to you: disable Direct3D in the frame editor (via the preferences). 
- Frame editor: in the effect list dialog box the effect preview is now disabled if the "Use Direct3D in frame editor" option is unchecked in the preferences.
- Event editor: animation, movement and flag selectors couldn't be resized.
- Action editor: crash when you drag events to the tab of the frame's event editor.

Build 294.13 - Change log (22/12/17)
- Menu editor: crash when editing parent item.
- Menu editor: default checkboxes not displayed at runtime if you select the new custom colors option.
- Event list editor: fixed a rare crash after dropping events to a comment line.

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
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samedi 15 juillet 2023 à 10:59

Bonjour sortie 295.2 et 295.3 Beta.

Build 295.3 - Change log (23/07/14)
- Event editors: Paste As Child Event no longer works on comments and groups.
- Windows runtime: Compare Alterable String was broken in some cases.
- iOS runtime: Launch Screen image couldn't be edited as the default image was not installed by the patch.

Build 295.2 - Change log (23/07/13)
- Skin: incorrect toolbar gripper color in dark mode.
- Find All: new "Ignore space characters" option.
- Build: incorrect Mac XCode projects when extension names contain space characters.
- Properties: numeric values can be calculated with expressions, e.g. 300*1.5
- Properties: new sort options (by name and by index) for the Alterable Values/Strings/Flags in the property context menu (select the values you want to sort before using these commands).
- Properties: new "Don't include at build time" option for objects.
- Properties: property window now gets focus back after renaming or deleting a value.
- Properties (Dev version): new "Generate Android Studio project" option (in Android properties) that saves an Android Studio project in a zip file next to the APK/AAB file.
- Properties (2.5+ DLC): new "Merge 'Play' and 'Set Sample' actions" option in the App properties, that replaces Play Sample and consecutive Set Sample Volume/Pan/Frequency actions into a single Play Sample [All Parameters] action at build time.
- Properties: bug in Include Frame option, if a frame includes a second frame that includes a third frame, the third frame was not included.
- Effect list: new search box that allows you to search for specific effects.
- Data Element editor: preload options are now preserved when you replace a sound.
- Frame editor: when you drop files to the frame editor, the created objects get the names of the dropped files.
- Frame editor: when you add or remove a qualifier to/from a selection of several objects, it's added to or removed from the qualifiers of each object.
- Frame editor: object comparison failure when you add or modify a behavior and then copy/paste the object before the app is reloaded, causing the object to be cloned instead of being duplicated.
- Frame editor: property window not updated after you ctrl+drag an object.
- Event editor: when you edit an animation parameter, the animation is now selected when the dialog box opens.
- Event editor: when you edit a direction parameter, the OK button now gets the focus by default.
- Event editor: when you add an action or a condition with a layer index as parameter, the default value is now 1 instead of 0.
- Event editor: new Paste As Child Event command, allows you to paste event lines as child events of another one. Keyboard shortcut = Ctrl+Q (note: in order to activate it you need to reset the keyboard shortcuts in View / Toolbars / Customize).
- Easing object: new pause/resume actions and now pauses when app is paused (note: you need to re-download the object from the extension manager)
- All runtimes: incorrect position when you create an object relative to the action point of another object and this object has a physics movement.
- All runtimes: the "zone" parameter in actions/conditions/expressions now supports expressions (via a Use Expression button in the Edit Zone dialog box). Note: this is only for built-in functions, not for actions/conditions/expressions in extensions.
- All runtimes: new "Fixed value of last created object" expression.
- All runtimes: new "Replace substring in a string" expression.
- All runtimes: an incorrect fix in build 294 concerning objects with a single Disappear animation that weren't destroyed sometimes when the frame rate lags was causing those objects being displayed on screen for one frame longer than they should.
- All runtimes / Platform movement: positioning issue when 2 instances of the same object with different platform movements are colliding.
- All runtimes / Pinball movement: movement timer had no effect on gravity.
- Some runtimes / Pinball movement: incorrect positionning in scrolling apps.
- Windows runtime: better font in customized menus.
- Windows runtime / DataGrid object: cells not correctly unselected by Unselect Cells action.
- Windows runtime / Edit object: caret position not updated when using arrow keys.
- Windows runtime / Multiple Touch object: when you click to jump to a frame, the A New Touch Has Occured condition was triggered in the new frame too.
- Windows runtime: Pick objects with maximum/minimum value conditions give incorrect results with floating point values.
- Windows runtime: debugger can now show up to 512 alterable values instead of 254.
- Windows runtime: new "Crash: display last event line" option in the App properties. When this option is selected and a crash happens during event processing in the editor runtime, the runtime displays the number of the last executed event line. Note: the runtime can't differentiate line numbers from frame events, global events or behaviors, so if you get for example "crash in line #2", it could be line #2 in global events, or current frame events, or in a subapp, etc.
- Windows runtime: frame effect ignored when the frame includes another frame.
- Windows & HTML5 runtimes: when you destroy an object that has a mouse movement and/or set its movement to a non-mouse movement, the mouse becomes normal again. And reciprocally when you create an object with a mouse movement, or set an object's movement to a mouse movement, the mouse gets captured.
- Non-Windows runtimes: new "Windows-like collisions on other platforms" option in app properties (Runtime Options tab). On non-Windows platforms, by default collision detection between 2 objects is tested between both objects' rounding boxes as soon as one of them is in box-collision mode. This option allows collision detection between object #1's box and object #2 image, as on Windows. 
- All runtimes: optimizations (note: some of these optimizations are part of the Optimize Events option of the 2.5+ DLC).
- Android runtime: now uses Java 11 (if installed, but this is generally the case unless you use a very old version of Android Studio).
- Android runtime: new Display Cutouts property, allows you to select if, and how, your app window is allowed to extend itself into the display cutout area.
- Android runtime: support more shader capabilities.
- Android runtime: supports background shaders (note: for this, use the bckgTexture sampler, also please note that the image is flipped on the Y Axis as OpenGL usually does - check the BgBloom shader to see how to handle this).
- Android runtime / Edit object: bug when setting caret position after the text length.
- Android runtime / Edit object: crash when adding text with an action while editing it with a virtual keyboard.
- Android runtime / AdMob object: now global and uses AdMobSDK 21.5. Now allows you to keep ad requests alive between frames, see the TestAdMobOverFrame.mfa example.
- Android runtime / Android Plus object: new option to set the UI limit mode (allows the status bar to be transparent).
- Android runtime / Active Picture object: fixed resizing issue when height is less than 10 pixels, and issue in inverted mode when app returns from the background.
- Android runtime / InApp object: fixed possible crash when communication problem with the Google server.
- Android runtime / InApp object: fixed issue in editor properties.
- Android runtime / Multiple Touch object: fixed issue that makes object stops working when it's located out of the visible area.
- Android runtime / control objects: could enter sleep mode when they are located out of the visible area.
- Android runtime / Webview2 object: now uses latest web API.
- Android runtime / Capture Screen Bitmap: fixed location for controls and drawing surface.
- Android runtime / Joystick images: fixed situation where they were too small on some devices.
- Android runtime: music (not sounds) could still play after closing the application.
- Android runtime: collision issue with qualifiers.
- iOS / Mac runtimes: bug in recent Compare Expression condition.
- iOS / Mac runtimes: supports background shaders (note: for this, use the bckgTexture sampler).
- iOS runtime: now uses a launch screen instead of launch images, also the app icon size has been modified, please update them. Note: for your convenience old launch images are still available in the properties, with a Delete button if you want to remove them when you no longer need them. Note 2: you can change the background color by editing the view color.
- iOS runtime: fixed crash when using an alterable value out of range.
- iOS runtime: fixed smooth anti-aliasing always ON with pixelated games on iOS 13+.
- iOS runtime: incorrect backdrop position when they are created in loops.
- iOS runtime: added hardware capabitlities in project info, to be modified according to your needs (required for iOS14+).
- iOS runtime: added caret position in Edit object.
- iOS runtime / AdMob object: now global and uses iOS AdMobSDK 10.2. Now allows you to keep ad requests alive between frames, see the TestAdMobOverFrame.mfa example.

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samedi 15 juillet 2023 à 15:43

merci manu je prefere cette forme qune video

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lundi 28 août 2023 à 13:24

Bonjour sortie 295.4 et 295.5 Beta.

Build 295.5 - Change log (23/07/29)
- Non-Windows platforms: error with groups due to empty group fix in previous build (this fix has been canceled for non-Windows platforms for the moment).
- Android runtime: fix in GDPR object (incorrect parameter title in Set Geography Mode action).

Build 295.4 - Change log (23/07/28)
- Properties: numeric expressions didn't work for alterable values.
- Properties: the new "Don't include at build time" option has been moved to object instances.
- Properties: crash in Invaders movement due to an internal change in the build 295.
- Event editors: Pasting immediate/triggered event as child event now displays an error message before changing the target event line to a parent event.
- Event editors: when you edit a "Change animation sequence" action, the selected animation now has the keyboard focus.
- Debugger: adding identical objects no longer duplicated them.
- All runtimes: crash or malfunction when you activate or deactivate an empty or deactivated group.
- Windows runtime: the Load Frame action of active objects could result in wrong images if original images are shared by load-and-call objects.
- Windows editor runtime: when the app crashes, the "last executed event line" message now says if it's in a behavior or in global events, and displays the correct line number and frame name if the frame includes another frame.
- iOS/Mac runtimes: fixed a crash with very old counter/score/live/text objects created with old versions of MMF2.
- iOS runtime: Fixed a sound issue that can occur with more than 32 channels.
- iOS runtime: Fixed an issue that may cause the display screen to not display correctly after an in-game dialog is displayed.
- Android runtime: bug in Java 11 switch setting.
- Android runtime: GDPR Object, fixed a source compatibility issue during the building process.
- Android runtime: Sound Preload, changed the number of sounds played simultaneously to reduce the chance of running out of memory.
- Android runtime: GPG achievements can now issue non-immediate commands to unlock and increment. This is useful when a connection fails with the Google Play server. More Information in Google Play Games documentation. Owners, please check your ClickStore account for downloading the new version.
- Android runtime: AdMob object, changes made to enable permissions required for the 13+ target and other beta optimization permissions.

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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
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samedi 2 septembre 2023 à 17:11

Bonjour sortie de la version 295. 6 Beta.

Build 295.6 - Change log (23/09/02)
- Frame editor: scrolling now works in Category list (in Create New Object dialog box) when you click and drag the scroll bar.
- Find window: text size has been reduced (condition and action indexes have been removed, etc).
- Replace Substring action: function name now ReplaceString$ because of a conflict with the Replace Substring object.
- Windows runtime / Debugger: fixed a random crash when you add an object and jump to another frame.
- Windows runtime / Profiler: crash when the app loop is executed from the Windows message loop and "Run when resizing" is selected.
- Android runtime: Android 14 has been added to the target API list.
- Android runtime: Video Android, Array, file, Active picture, Android Camera, and INI Objects updated for API 33+.
- Android runtime: [already in previous build] AdMob object, fixed incorrect permission added during building.
- Android runtime: [already in previous build] InApp object, the error report is removed when the purchase list is empty in favor of the Purchase Empty condition.
- Android runtime: Sounds, fixed glitches, and cutting sounds.
- Android runtime: faster frame loading time for big apps.
- Android runtime: new "Hold frame until all preload sounds are loaded" option in frame properties (Android tab). You can select this option if you get sound issues at the beginning of a frame (note that this will increase the frame loading time).
- Android runtime: new "Enable Leanback Launcher in manifest" option. Unselect this option if you need to submit an APK file to Google Play instead of an AAB file.
- iOS runtime: deprecated launch/icon images no longer come back after you delete them.
- iOS runtime: fix when rotating the device in "adjust window size" display mode.
- iOS/Mac runtimes: GET object, fixed incorrect URL escape string.
- iOS/Mac runtimes: Array files are now saved as Unicode.
- iOS/Mac runtimes: Function Val(); fixed a crash when input string only contains space characters.
- iOS/Mac runtimes: error in Set RGB Coef action.
- HTML5/UWP runtimes: runtime error if app didn't contain any On Each condition.

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mardi 5 septembre 2023 à 10:30

Bonjour un petit correctif runtimes android sortie de la version 295. 7 Beta.

Build 295.7 - Change log (23/09/04)
- Android runtime: memory leak in sound routines.
- Android runtime: VideoAndroid object update.

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jeudi 2 novembre 2023 à 10:58

Bonjour je passer en coup de vent sortie de la version final en 295.9

Build 295.9 - Change log (23/10/30)
- 2.5+: the new "Merge Play Sample and Set Sample Volume/Pan/Frequency actions" property has been removed, as it was not 100% OK in this version and the fix is not quick. It will be added again in the build 296.
- Android runtime: Play Sample File was broken for files in some directories in some versions of Android.
- Android runtime: Active Picture object, problem when reading images with EXIF data from the camera.
- Android runtime: Array object, problem on some versions of Android when saving files to scoped storage directories.
- Android runtime: Accelerometer object, fixed orientation values that didn't take all orientations into account.
- iOS runtime: fixed drawing text issue in build 295.7.

Build 295.8 - Change log (23/10/21)
- Optimize Events: (very) rare bug in Set X/Y Position actions.
- Event editor: folders can't be selected anymore in actions like Create Object At or Is Mouse Over Object.
- HTML5 runtime: crash when using Play Music action.
- Android/iOS/Mac runtimes: Set Alpha Coef error for objects with deprecated semitransparency effect.
- Windows runtime / sub-app object: new "Adjust pos and size according to parent's 'Resize Display' option" property, used in "Display as sprite mode" (turn it off if any compatibility issue in your apps).
- Windows runtime / MDI: new "MDI background color" property.
- Android runtime: Android Plus object, changed the way keyboard height is detected.
- Android runtime: In App Object, added some protection to avoid ANR's when the server is not responding.
- Android runtime: Multitouch Object is now reset when the object is destroyed.
- Android runtime: Video Object, tapping the video will not stop and resume the video anymore, will only trigger the event "On Tap Video."
- Android runtime: Modified code to allow reading external images from Android 10+; some Android content was not loaded specifically on Android 10.
- Android runtime: Other changes to avoid reported crashes and ANR's
- iOS runtime: Display Mode and rotation were affecting external displays, like ads.
- iOS runtime: Audio Interruption from calls/alarms/OS now pauses the runtime and ignores touch and control until interruption ends, then all is restored.
- iOS runtime: Fixed an error when getting background texture and the object scaling is different from 1. This applies mostly to Active Picture.
- Mac runtime: Fixed an error when getting background texture and the object scaling is different from 1. This applies mostly to Active Picture.
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Fusion 2.5 Dev Fusion 2.5
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samedi 11 novembre 2023 à 15:52

Bonjour une petit mis a jour réglé quelle probleme passe en version Build 295.10 Officiel

Build 295.10 - Change log (23/11/9)
- Windows / Edit object: caret position not updated when using arrow keys.
- Android: collision with string objects could be detected on different layers.
- Android: Location object, crash on Android 9.
- Android: Active Picture object, resize issue and orientation problem for embedded images.

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